• Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing

As a component of report interpretation services, MultitransMedia has developed far reaching multilingual desktop distributed involvement in greater part of the most mainstream writing programming solutions used to make source dialect reports. Notwithstanding creating DTP best practices for all prevalent writing applications, it likewise gives preparing and counseling in key desktop distributed programming arrangements.

Our DTP pros are very much prepared and have a sheer mastery in their spaces. Moreover, they have additionally helped various customers move from items like Microsoft Word to all the more intense arrangements like Adobe FrameMaker and DITA/XML. Our solutions range from enhancing formats for report interpretation to helping outline work processes and record audit cycles.

Furthermore, we also provide in-house DTP services for PC and MAC platforms excellently. Our DTP operators are highly skilled and understand the technology whereabouts and offer unique solutions to our clients with exceptional accuracy and quality, and most importantly, save valuable time of our clients.